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My husband and I travel, A LOT.  30 countries and counting so far.  I get many inquiries about how we afford it.  Is it because I’m fabulously rich?  No – it’s because it’s a passion for us and we’ve made it a priority.  We’ve minimized our spending in other areas – we live in an 800 sq ft house, we drive older/cheaper vehicles (my MINI gets 40 mpg!) and we don’t own toys.  No campers, hot tubs, pools, 4-wheelers, etc etc.  Keeping other expenses low allows me to pursue MY priority.

Abby loves horses.  She owns several and every night after work and most weekends, you’ll find her caring for, training and competing with them.  She arranges her financial life so she can pursue her passion as well.

But traveling is my passion and horses are Abby’s – I have clients who would prefer, as one told me, never to leave the oasis he calls his house on the hill.  Still others like to collect cars – I have one client working on a strategy to exit the corporate rat race and open her dream business – dog walking! 

What is your passion?  We specialize in helping clients arrange their financial lives so they can pursue their passions and live their dreams, whether that be retiring early, buying a dream home, or leaving a legacy to their family.  You tell us what you’re trying to do financially, and we’ll guide you on how to get there.

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